Passport Renewals – no more expensive photo booth pictures thanks to the new changes..

Irish and UK Governments recently introduced services to allow citizens renewing their passports online, a modern and very welcomed service that will significantly speed up the renewal process.

The biggest development introduced by Passport Services is the ability to now accept digital passport photos, this eliminates the need for printed photos that currently require citizens to go to photo booths, pharmacy’s or professional photographers to get a photo. Digital Passport Photos can now be uploaded by users directly into the online renewal form making the process extremely smooth and efficient.

Photos still need to meet existing international photo guidelines that include:

  • Your head must face directly at the camera with full face in view.
  • You must have a neutral facial expression or a natural smile with both eyes wide open.
  • Photos must be taken in the last 6 months and be sized correctly
  • Use a plain white or off-white background
  • You cannot wear glasses, hat or any head coverings
  • Your full face must be visible with no shadows on your face.

Thanks to a new Digital Passport Photo App launching soon travellers will now be able to create their own digital passport photos using their smartphone, users will need to get someone else to take the picture as it can’t be a selfie but once taken the picture you can downloaded or emailed for use with Passport Renewals, eVisa or any other applications where you need a valid digital photo, the Digital Passport Photo App gives you photo booth processing capabilities in your pocket.

The Digital Passport Photo App is easy to use and more importantly FREE to use, delivering ID photos that meet the requirements of existing passport photo standards it removes the inconvenience and costs that are traditionally associated with getting a passport ready photo.

The creators of the Digital Passport Photo App say “Our Mobile App is the first of its kind to introduce this type of advanced biometric photo validation technology that instantly checks that photo’s meet the required guidelines or give real time feedback if they don’t, this will save people having to find the time to go to photo booths or pharmacies when we no longer need printed photos for renewals.

We have been testing and refining our technology over the past 12 months during which time we processed Digital Passport Photos for over 30k citizens. Over the coming months we will be launching our new Digital Passport Photo App which will be available in over 60 countries and in 15 languages. It’s exciting for us to launch a solution that removes the headache and costs usually associated with obtaining a passport ready photo, this should be a simple process available to everyone everywhere and that’s what we aim to deliver”

Once launched, the Digital Passport Photo App will help speed up the Passport Renewal process for millions of citizens each year including those who live overseas. Governments have taken a big step in the right direction and solutions like this will simplify their adoption.

You can get updates on the Digital Passport Photo App release date by registering at: